Wolfenburg is the third mission in the Iron Storm single-player campaign.



Newcastle informs that the Wolfenburg plant is in the west of the town, and that you will have to cross the whole town to get there. 


  • Once the player equips anti-personnel mines in the area west of the town square, there is a Russian speaking officer that is ethnically Asian. This character model is used only at this point in the game.
  • The Mark IV type heavy tank that drives near the town square can be spared. After fully disabling the tracks of the US III that patrols the town square, the player must lure the other heavy tank there. If the player sneaks around the tank through a building and goes to where it was originally idle, then the climate will not change from cloudy to rain and thunder. After defeating the rest of the enemies in the eastern part from the plaza, the heavy tank will eventually return to its original stationary spot. When it does, the crew (which is made up of Sturmpionners) will get out of the tank and patrol the area in search of Anderson.
  • After reaching the first gate that leads to the top secret facility, there is a building with a button inside to open it. On the right side of the gate is a fence that blocks off a hill, which leads over the gate. Without opening the gate doors, the player can jump over the fence and climb over the hill. To do this, the player has to repeatedly jump while holding the up button. This lets the player to go on the right side of the hill, all the way to the bunker door.