The US III tank (reffered informally by Henkel as Ugenberg III) is a Heavy tank that is used by the Russo-Mongolian forces.

This German designed tank is equipped with a 8.8 cm KwK 36 L/56 cannon. It is based off of the real life Tiger I.

During the campaign, it appears in Wolfenburg in the town square. A DRT device in Wolfenburg shows Commandant Hans Henkel of the Deutschen Reichskorps explaining that this tank has very thick armor plating. However the reporter says that the tanks were disabled by mines before - but the Commandant continues to explain how these tanks sales are going up +125% in the economy.

Mines are the only way to take out a US III - the front view glass is bulletproof. 2 of them makes it slow down and the engine start smoking (as shown in the picture.) 3 completely disables it and kills the turret gunner. After this, you can enter the turret and fire the cannon. The cannon itself fires infinite shells. It is recommended to lure the other enemy Heavy Tank to the plaza in order to destroy it. However, it is possible to pass that tank without harming it.