Iron Storm - Consortium logo

Consortium logo on a Consortium forces helicopter

The Consortium is an American organization composed of businessmen and military leaders. This organization was helping in the Empire's war effort in order to prolong the conflict and profit from Europe's steady demand for American supplies. Mitchell sent Anderson to sabotage Ugenberg's nuclear weapons research because the Consortium had no desire for the creation of nuclear weapons that would tip the balance extremely in favour of the empire. Thus threatening a victory which would the continue the war for their investments and financial gain. Feeling betrayed by the Consortium, Ugenberg declares that he will make peace with the USWE, so that he will leave behind a legacy as a peacemaker rather than a conqueror. Mitchell then kills Ugenberg, since peace would jeopardize the Consortium's continued profits.


Throughout the campaign, Consortium soldiers are sometimes seen attacking Russo-Mongolian soldiers such as in the level Wolfenburg. However, they can attack Lieutenant Anderson as well, especially in the level Berlin. The soldiers speak English with an American accent, one of the phrases heard from them is "Move it, lard asses!" Their uniforms and helmets are black and they wear face masks so that they can be distinguished from USWE stormtroopers.


  • F-Jane 10 - Sub-machine gun used by the Consortium soldiers. It has a 2x scope and a 50 round magazine.
  • M203 40mm - Grenade launcher used in Berlin.