Iron Storm - DRT 1

DRT on a table.

"The Russo-German Tageschau - the DRT is a multi-functional enemy invention: intelligence, coding, communications, etc. Don't hesitate to use it on this mission. You could gather very useful information!" - Colonel Mitchell

Officially called the Deutsch-Russische Tagesschau (Russian-German Evening News.) It is used for viewing news on the frontlines such as information on the recent technological advances and battle victories, or could be used as a radar to see if any enemy units are nearby. Most oftenly they are found in or next to tents.

There is a single reporter who gives interviews with Russo-Mongolian soldiers and officers, she spoke both Russian and German. However she was murdered by The Consortium in the Reichstag media room. The perpetrators can be killed in the blue screen room, their conversation is "I've always wanted to be an actor. Can the others see us at the moment? If you don't turn the camera on, it won't work."


  • The reporter is voiced by Suzanne Schifman, the same voice actress who voices Cecile Newcastle.