Iron Storm - Friedrich line

The church is the border to the Anton Denikin line

The Friedrich line is the first mission in the Iron Storm single-player campaign.



Players take the role of Lieutenant James Anderson, a 40 year old American special forces soldier who is given orders to infiltrate the Russo-Mongolian lines and destroy a secret weapons research facility, in the town of Wolfenburg, where the Empire is developing their first nuclear weapon.

USWE baseEdit

Iron Storm - USWE base

USWE base panoramic view

You start off in an USWE base in the Friedrich line of Western Germany. After meeting with Colonel Mitchell and Cecile Newcastle, you are sent to collect your Dragunov Snayperskaya and have a choice to pick a side firearm; a Heckler & Koch MP-6 or Remington M910.

The LineEdit

You then proceed to enter the frontlines to fight alongside fellow Stormtroopers and suppress the invading Russo-Mongolian forces. The player has to fight inside trenches and over a few abandoned houses to get farther towards the objective.

The ChurchEdit

After meeting a small demolition team, they tell Lieutenant Anderson that he wont be able to turn back - as they are about to blow the tunnel. Afterwards, Newcastle informs that the only way to infiltrate enemy lines, is under the church. To get there, James must fight through the trenches and out into no man's land, which is guarded by an enemy bunker, machine gunners and snipers. Once they are eliminated, the player can go to the entrance of the church and under the boards to enter the Anton Denikin line.

Gallery Edit


  • After you go to the dead end in the flooded trench area, return to assist your allies in attacking three enemy units. These units distinguish from the rest of the Russo-Mongolian troops by wearing olive facepaint, they are most likely airborne troops.
  • The sky turns from dawn, to snowy after going through the tunnels.