The Anton Denikin line is the second mission of the Iron Storm single-player campaign.



Newcastle informs James Anderson that his objective is to find a way out of the frontline to get to a small town called Wolfenburg.

Bunker to bunkerEdit

After James jumped down the boards, he turned out to be in an underground bunker that leads straight to the Anton Denikin line. After battling the Sturmpionners inside, he goes outside to find tents and more enemy troops. While going along the trenches, the player can go inside pillboxes and fire machine guns at approaching Russo-Mongolians to assist fellow Stormtroopers. After getting passed the trenches, you approach another bunker.

Trenches to bunkerEdit

When James enters the bunker, the doors close behind him. Following that, a Stormtrooper is killed in front of him due to double turrets. By going forward, it is seen that there five corpses along a part sliding metal door. To the right of the door are boards covering a vent. The player has to break it and go through the vent and go up to where the to guards are talking. After killing them, you go outside to a darker sky with ash falling. At one point you get to a left-right way path. In the center of it is a ICT. A dog handler, Hans Gruber, writes that they had recieved a new delivery of mine dogs. When the player goes to the right path, they go by dog kennels. A patrol with soldiers and dog mines are ahead as well. After the player defeats them, they find more rows of tents.

To be continued...


  • Anton Denikin, who is named after the line, was a Lieutenant General of the Imperial Russian Army in the beginning of World War I. He was also the leader of a counter-revolutionary Volunteer Army in the Russian Civil War.
  • The dog kennel doors can be opened by pressing a door switch that can be found in the end of the kennel rows. The dogs can kill the player with its bites, and are the only ones in the game that do not have mines attached to them.

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